Members of Lily & Eddy's creative team also have extensive experiences in designing and producing edutainment materials for past and current clients. Even though we specialized in edutainment materials, we are also capable of creative commercial materials...

Our Past & Present Portfolios:

Sabrina Shape Up Foundation (20th Anniversary Book)
Joan Rais (Pictorial Self-Enrichment Series - Book 1: Choices)
Joan Rais (Pictorial Self-Enrichment Series - Book 2: My Poka)
Joan Rais (Pictorial Self Enrichment Series - Book 4: Self Confidence)
Joan Rais (Pictorial Self Enrichment Series - Book 3: Habits)
McKids (McKids Newsletter 2016)
Erwin Yap (The Art of FaceReading Series)
Save The Children (Natural Disaster Guide for Children)
UNDP & UNESCO (Science & Technology for Poverty Alleviation & Women's Empowerment)
Air Rahmat (Comic brochure)
LIPI (Coral Reef Preservation, Coral Reef Ambassador's Activities)
LIPI (Elementary School's Coral Reef Preservation Curriculum)
Kalbe Morinaga (Multiple Intelligence Books)

Creating high quality edutainment books is one of our company's strength. 

Our teams have had numerous privileges to work with big companies and organizations; assisting them in developing and executing edutainment materials that work both for our clients as well as their audiences.

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