LILY & EDDY is a private publishing company that specializes in children edutainment materials for both our own brands as well as our clients’. The company is established to provide quality, creative, fun and affordable entertainment-education materials for children in Indonesia and all over the world.

Our edutainment products social themes focus on cultural diversity, good moral values and the importance of loving the environment. They are designed to provide parents, teachers and adults in general with quality affordable materials to teach and communicate love, care and kindness to create a better world for everyone.

Products of Lily & Eddy intend to share the "goodness is cool" attitude to bring forth a bright and kind-hearted young generation, a generation of D.C. (Dignified and Caring) Ambassadors, who are passionate to be the agents of change. We aspire to be the “delicious snacks” for children’s souls in order to enable them to grow up more wholesomely.

With that in mind, “The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart” series was born in 2012. It was initially a response to the increasing incidents of bullying amongst children all over the world. The main character, Didgit Cobbleheart, starts off as a bully himself. Through our original simple yet fun stories, Didgit navigates his world from a bully to be a good boy. We hope that using this series; parents, teachers and concerned adults can start a discussion with their children about values, love, diversity, care and other social issues.

Furthermore, “The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart” series has become a community of its own. Thus far, we have around 3,300 web members. The website,, becomes the main gateway to Didgit Cobbleheart’s world. Members can benefit from thousands of illustrations posted on Facebook (Didgit Cobbleheart) and Twitter (@cobbleheart). They are invited to watch various Didgit’s activity videos and short animations on YouTube (Didgit Cobbleheart Channel), or read articles on Wordpress (Soul Snacks by Didgit Cobbleheart). There is also a simple apps especially designed to teach little children to give and share loves with needy friends called “The HEART Sheriff”, available on Google and Apple appstores.

Additionally, parents, teachers and concerned adults can access “Tera and Piko’s Corner” to learn more on how to best used each books, and download free activity sheets pertaining to each book’s theme. Essentially, this series is created for the whole family to learn and have fun together.

Together with the original value-teaching series, we create “Didgit Cobbleheart’s Indonesian Heritage” series, due to many requests of Indonesian inspired content. These books illustrate the beautiful natures of Indonesia, both under the sea and on the land, as well as the importance to preserve them from continuous destruction. Through colorful and beautiful illustrations, Didgit Cobbleheart’s Indonesian Heritage series intend to awaken the love for Indonesian heritage and nature for people around the world.

As the nature of our company is social-entrepreneurship, we encourage you to join our cause in creating a wonderful world for our children through our inspiring edutainment products, and partner with us when you need quality edutainment materials.
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